Olympic Lifts in Athletic Training

Coach Rudy Herrera
November 17, 2023
Olympic Lifts in Athletic Training

Olympic lifts, which include the snatch and the clean and jerk, have become popular training tools in various sports due to their potential to enhance sports performance. Here at PAP Sports we teach Olympic lift progressions from our rise class all the way to our professional athletes.There are several benefits of incorporating Olympic lifts into an athlete's training regimen. Here are 6 key benefits of Olympic lifts;

  1. Explosive Power:
    Olympic lifts are renowned for developing explosive power. They require rapid force production and coordination, which are essential in many sports, such as sprinting, jumping, and throwing.
  2. Strength Gains:
    These lifts target multiple muscle groups, including the legs, back, shoulders, and core. The increase in overall strength can improve an athlete's ability to perform various sport-specific movements.
  3. Speed and Agility:
    Olympic lifts help improve an athlete's speed and agility by enhancing their ability to generate force quickly. This can be particularly advantageous for sports that require rapid changes in direction, like soccer, basketball, or tennis.
  4. Coordination and Balance:
    The complex and highly technical nature of Olympic lifts improves an athlete's coordination and balance. This can translate into better body control and stability during sporting activities.
  5. Sport-Specific Benefits:
    While Olympic lifts may not directly mimic all movements in a particular sport, the power, strength, and coordination developed can improve an athlete's ability to excel in their chosen discipline.
  6. Injury Prevention:
    Enhanced strength and flexibility gained from Olympic lifting can help reduce the risk of injuries common in many sports.

It's important to note that Olympic lifts are highly technical and require proper instruction and supervision, especially for beginners. Here at PAP sports we progressively incorporate them into our training programs and ensure athletes have the necessary mobility and strength to perform these movements safely.

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